Dock Electrical Service's

Boat slips increase the value of land to which they are attached. So investing a little more into them besides the boat is a great idea. Safety is essential while enjoying it.  So our technicians are standing by to lend a hand.  Certified Grounding Systems / Water Tight Construction W/ 2 Year Warranty  

After you're done researching what you came here for, here is some great resources for safety for you and your family: 

 Boater Safety Education & Certification Information
Order Boater ID Card
The Handbook of MO Boating Laws & Responsibilities 


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- Free Home Owner Dock Inspections

- Complete Ground Certification  - For Home & Dock

- Shore Power Disconnect Trouble-Shooting / Raising / Installations  

- Pro Grade Water Tight Electrical Systems

- Sub Panels

- Slip Shore Power Trouble-shooting / Raising / Installations 

- Dock Ground Systems 

- Dock Electrical Trouble-Shooting / Repair 

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Your Grounding System



Each dock has it’s own obstacle's, and they all have their own personalities. So they all deserve there own choice words at times. Either it be privately owned or commercial, we cater to what your requirements demand. 

Most home owners and HOA’s are at a loss with what power requirements their dock needs to properly function with all the lifts, lights, outlets. So don’t feel alone. Connect Power is here to help educate everyone on what you should demand for your safety and your family and friends while enjoying your dock. 

It all starts with a properly grounded earthing system from power source to delivery of the entire electrical system. If your home doesn’t have a properly installed earthing system, your family, friends and neighbors are at risk. 

From the power source to the dock’s disconnect, a ground wire must meet Under 1 ohm. The Dock shore disconnect has it’s own ground system for the dock ground system. A designated ground rod is required at all distribution panel services. One is installed if not present at your docks location. 

The Ramp gets properly grounded to the ground rod and Shore disconnect panel. Tying the Dock ground system to the Main panel. The ramp then gets grounded to the dock, Lifts, Ladder or any pivot points and strong arms. 

Grounding is essential for properly keeping all electrical service equipment on your dock safe. We all need to work together to help our community live safe together responsibly.


Your Shore power disconnect… And Service Feed


Committed To Quality…


We start by providing an adequate 240v service down to your dock’s electrical service disconnect, isolated just for your dock. Think of it as a safe GFCI sub panel off your main electrical service panel for a wet location. It is required to have a dedicated electrical service to your dock with a NEC approved Shore disconnect GFCI or Ground fault Monitor system. Anything over 60 Amps is Ground fault Monitored, with GFCI circuits.

Keeping in mind Full pool ( 662’ above sea level ) for existing flood conditions. Submersible Water Tight Systems Are Available. 

Normally shore power disconnects are installed 50– 60 inches above the ground level for easy service access. Ensuring proper mounting height. 


We install 30 Amp, 50 Amp, 60 Amp, 100 Amp, and 200 Amp Single & Three Phase 240v Electrical Systems. 


When considering your shore electrical disconnect panel, does your ramp submerge under water when flooding conditions exist at the entrance of your dock at 662 above sea level? If this occurs when full pool is breached and flooding conditions does occur on your ramp because of where it is fastened to the shore, the electrical service must be considered for safety.


Connect power, ensures safe power delivery to the dock in such conditions by installing a liquid tight non metallic service feed to the dock sub panel for larger docks or the main light switch for smaller circuit docks. This allows for submerged areas to be protected from these occurrence's.


Depending what your dock requires, Connect Power will address what you actually require to deliver uninterrupted service. 

For most residential dock electrical systems a 30 or 50 Amp 240v service is all you need. It is recommended to at least supply 30 Amp 240v service to your shore power for adequate amperage supply for your dock. Even for single well Docks.

Why you ask? Good question. When supplying electrical power over a long distance from your home to your dock, the amps that deliver your power reduces. So even if you only require 20 amps to run all your lights and lifts, 30 amps is sufficient to cover those losses. 

Why 240v? Well a 240v electrical supply will provide even distribution from the main panel so over-loading doesn’t occur when using multiple utilities on your dock, Just like your home. Even distribution goes a long way on properly wiring a dock. 


Do you need a sub panel for your dock?




If you have more than one slip on your dock we would recommend considering the upgrade. It has exceptional beneficial advantages towards upgrading to your growing needs on your dock as the year’s pass. Don’t forget we all get the 2 foot'itis … It is inevitable…. Admit it... We have.

When delivering Lift power to raise your boat, what-ever size. A dedicated grounded power source for it is essential. It takes 13 amps per lift pump. A dual lift pump requires 26 amps. Delivering a power current to your lift verses your lights, and your outlets to power those fans and essentials can cause overloading. So installing one in a dock building, or free standing panel can save you money in the long run to meet those needs. 

We recommend 50 Amp 240v service for most sub panel installations. However a 30 Amp 240v system may meet all your needs. 

What to expect with our dock electrical systems...



We use only quality liquid tight products. Either it be non metallic flex, or adequate sized conduit. We use water tight connections throughout the assembly. Delivering a safe and functional GFCI monitored electrical supply.


All our junction boxes are weather tight top quality products. Our self draining systems ensures moisture won’t build up or pool, making a more reliable electrical delivery.


All our outlets are NEC approved weather resistant receptacle’s. 

*When connecting your power cord to an outlet, make sure the cover can close. Moisture build-up can cause a GFCI breaker at the panel to trip. Closing the cover can help eliminate these problems. 

*Some storms we endure here at the lake will cause a moisture problem and trip a breaker. If this does occur, don’t worry your GFCI or Ground Fault Monitor is doing it’s job. It the problem continues to exists, call Connect Power for a free examination of the issue on the installed system. 

We connect conduit when all possible. Certain conditions on docks we had to install non metallic flex to reach your outlet, sub panel, fan, switch, or blue channel light location. No matter where it needs to go, we install top quality long lasting parts to deliver those needs. 



Want a Type C or micro USB outlet installed at your patio or bar area? Not a problem, we offer NEC approved docking stations for your dock. Just ask our Rep for and upgrade.